Death of a young man injured in Paragpur road accident: allegation of relatives – Police is trying to save the accused, after the accident drove them away

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A motorcyclist, who was injured in a road accident last night on Ludhiana Jalandhar Highway, has died. The relatives expressed their anger by coming to the Paragpur police post and alleged that the police only harass the poor, while not taking any action against the families of the rich and the employees of their department. The people who hit the motorcycle with the car are said to be children of a police officer.

The relatives of the deceased allege that after the road accident at night, the injured motorcyclists with PCR reached Johal Hospital in Ramamandi, while the team of Paragpur police outpost drove away the car riders who hit the motorcyclists. The police neither seized the car nor arrested the occupants of the car.

The policemen present in the outpost said that they were searching for the car, while the relatives of the deceased informed the police about the whereabouts of the car. Surprisingly, when the policemen were asked why the accused were released at night, they said that the youths in the car had said that they were following the injured youths and they would get them full treatment.

When asked if he came back and forth, he had no answer. When he was asked that the PCR people had taken the injured, you had reached the spot only to take action, yet you could not even answer the question of how did you let the car riders go. Just said that the paper formalities are being completed. After this, the car and the car riders will also be caught.

Sunny was going home on a motorcycle with a friend

The relatives told that Jamsher Khas, a resident of Sunny, used to work as a salon in Kaki Pind near Ramamandi. He used to come daily from Jamsher and return home after closing the saloon at night. One of his friends got a call in the night when he was coming home on a motorcycle with him. A Jain car coming from behind hit him. Due to which Sunny fell on the paved road on the head. Relatives say that Sunny had died on the spot. While the police say that he died during treatment in the hospital.

The relatives told that people have also made a video of this incident on the spot and they also have the video, but the police have no information yet. The youths in the car were returning from a wedding. Whether he was intoxicated or not, the family said that they had no idea about it. If the police had caught, everything would have become clear in the medical.

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