Dead body of young man found from closed treatment plant: mother of the deceased said – son was accused of molesting a girl, fear of murder

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The dead body of a youth was found late in the night from a closed treatment plant on Bhadthala Road in Kasba Samrala of Ludhiana district of Punjab. The youth was missing from the house for the last two days. The police found the bike of the young man standing at the house of a woman of the same area, after which when the woman was strictly questioned, she took the police to the treatment plant, where the young man was found lying in a 40 feet deep well.

The deceased youth has been identified as Jaskaran Singh (23) village Utlan. Jaskaran’s mother Sonia has alleged that there is a studio operator in the area. He had accused his son of molesting their girl a few days ago, while his son had not molested the girl. They had also given a complaint against Jaskaran in the police station.
People preparing to take out the dead body at the treatment plant.

People preparing to take out the dead body at the treatment plant.

Sonia said that she did not pay attention to this matter. The accused were also saying that day that they would kill Jaskaran. According to Sonia, the matter should be thoroughly investigated. Jaskaran was missing for 2 days. He had also seen many relatives here, but he could not find anything anywhere. A young man had brought his son’s mobile.

The youth told that Jaskaran had given it to keep the mobile. Within no time, Jaskaran got a call on the house phone that some people had taken away his phone after beating him. Sonia said that she herself started searching for the son in the area, then a youth told that her son, a woman named Pooja, who lives near the closed treatment plant, had gone to her.

When the woman reached there with the police, Jaskaran’s bike was found parked there. When the woman was strictly questioned, she took her to the closed treatment plant and she told that Jaskaran fell into this well due to darkness. She was alone and could not save him. Samrala police, who reached the spot, took the dead body in possession and sent it to the civil hospital for post-mortem.

The mother of the deceased Jaskaran is mourning.

The mother of the deceased Jaskaran is mourning.

Drug addicts have a closed treatment plant

The people of the area say that the treatment plant where the dead body was found is a den of drug addicts. Jaskaran’s mother Sonia also alleges that her son has been put to death in this treatment plant after getting intoxicated. Lakhvir Singh of the BSP party said that he had received a call from the mother of the deceased Jaskaran that her son was missing.

They came to know that the deceased youth had gone to the house of a woman named Pooja. When I went to Pooja’s house and told that the treatment plant near the bypass was closed, my mobile had fallen in it. Jaskaran, who was already standing there, started looking for my mobile. He also fell while trying to find the mobile. If the boys who were standing nearby ran away, what would I do alone?

Lakhvir Singh says that how the motorcycle of the deceased Jaskaran was found standing at the house of worship or why did Pooja not tell the police or any other about the young man’s fall. This is the subject of investigation. There is no window or door in this closed building. A drug den has become here, but no official is paying attention to it. The matter looks suspicious.

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