Crouch ‘The Robot’: FIFA 23 Ultimate Team turns legends into Marvel superheroes

EA Sports and Marvel have joined forces to introduce some exciting new additions to the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team experience.

A whole new cast of footballing superheroes are to be added to the FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) roster featuring real-life legends reimagined as their Marvel Comics alter egos, all with superpowers relating to defining moments in their respective careers at both the club and international levels.

In particular, the abilities and powers celebrate memorable performances on football’s biggest stage, with each FIFA World Cup FUT Hero receiving a special illustrated FUT item at the launch of the World Cup game mode later this year. Base versions of the heroes will be available at the launch of FIFA 23.

The four new FUT hero cards have been designed by Marvel artists and depict the players wearing superhero costumes befitting of their comic-book-inspired personas. The collaboration between EA Sports and Marvel will also see a plethora of collectible vanity items created for each player, including kits, balls, tifos and even individual online comic books.

Let’s meet the new FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Heroes, as reimagined and inspired by Marvel Comics.

Yaya Toure as THE CITADEL

Even the most robust city walls don’t stand a chance of containing Toure at the peak of his midfield powers.

Ricardo Carvalho as THE ANTICIPATOR

Agile, nimble and always one step ahead of all who seek to attack, Carvalho is the impervious head at the heart of the Portugal defensive line.

Park Ji-Sung as TIGERHEART

Infinite energy and a fundamental unwillingness to quit are among the enviable qualities that propelled Park to the very top of the game.

Landon Donovan as THE BRAVE

Decked out in the patriotic red, white and blue of his beloved home nation, Donovan the Brave is ready to give Captain America a run for his money as the USA’s most staunch advocate.

Claudio Marchisio as IL PRINCIPINO

The Prince of old Turin, Marchisio is footballing royalty in the Italian city he so proudly represented for the majority of his career.

Diego Forlan as SUNSTRIKE

Illuminated by his characteristic golden mane, Forlan harnesses the energy of the sun itself to power his attacks.


Lucio comes rolling forth from the deep to strike a booming note of dread into the very hearts of all he faces.


Master of all he surveys, the unshakeable Kaiser rules with an iron will for both club and country.

Javier Mascherano as OCTO-BOSS

Just when you think Mascherano has been beaten, out stretches yet another threshing limb to stop you in your tracks.

Peter Crouch as THE ROBOT

Half man, half machine. If you’ve seen Crouch initiate his victory dance sequence, it’s already too late.

Tomas Brolin as THE TORNADO

While Scandinavia isn’t exactly famed for its tornados, Sweden striker Brolin was certainly capable of reducing an entire defence to rubble in his international heyday.

Harry Kewell as THE WIZARD OF AUS

Tricky and enchanting in equal measure, Kewell helped propel the Socceroos to daring new heights during his magical pomp.

Sidney Govou as THE LION OF LYON

Olympique Lyonnais icon Govou embodies the speed, tenacity and power of the rampant lion he wore on his chest for over a decade.

Jean-Pierre Papin as THE ACROBAT

Capable of gravity-defying feats of athleticism, the legendary French artiste is famed for his ability to hit the target from almost any position.


You can run as fast and as far as you like but Deadly Dirk will never give up the chase until he reaches his goal. He won’t stop. He can’t stop.


With tousled curls and a magnificently manicured moustache, Voller looks every inch the famous flying ace.

Hidetoshi Nakata as THE STEALTH AGENT

Suave, sophisticated and always immaculately dressed, Nakata utilises stealth to silently move in on goal without raising any alarms.

Jay-Jay Okocha as DOUBLE TAKE

Blink and you’ll miss him. Nigerian illusionist Okocha is able to completely mesmerise his foes with formidable sleights of hand — or should that be sleights of foot?

Joan Capdevila as THE BACKFIELD BULL

As bullish and impervious as his nickname suggests, if Spain full-back Capedevila is roaming across the defensive plain then it’s likely that none shall pass.

Wlodzimierz Smolarek as PHASE SHIFT

Able to nimbly squeeze through the tightest of gaps between defenders, Smolarek appears to be able to bend the rules of space and time to his every whim.

Saeed Al-Owairan as THE EMERALD FALCON

With razor sharp instincts and claws to match, Saudi striker Al-Owairan is an apex predator at the very top of the footballing food chain.

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