Congressmen celebrated the birth anniversary of former PM Rajiv Gandhi: Congressman said, Late Rajiv Gandhi Father of Information Technology

Saharanpur43 minutes ago

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Congressmen paying homage at the party office on the 78th birth anniversary of late Rajiv Gandhi.

Congressmen celebrated the 78th birth anniversary of former PM Late Rajiv Gandhi at the party office in Saharanpur. Officials and workers offered flowers to the portrait of Rajiv Gandhi. A seminar was also organized. District President Ch. Muzaffar Ali said that the father of information technology and communication revolution in the country was former Prime Minister “Bharat Ratna” Rajiv Gandhi. Due to them, modernity started in the country.

In the seminar, District President Chaudhary Muzaffar Ali and Metropolitan President Varun Sharma said that as soon as Rajiv Gandhi took over as the Prime Minister, he took the initiative to take India forward in the field of information technology, due to which today the youth of the country have information in the whole world. The country has been elevated in the field of technology. Rajiv Gandhi gave priority to youth and women empowerment, where at the age of one and 18 years, the youth got the franchise by giving them their participation in the progress and progress of the country. On the other hand, he also strongly advocated for giving reservation to women from Panchayat to Parliament.

Panchayati Raj made law
Former MLA Surendra Kapil speaking in a seminar organized on the occasion of birth anniversary at the party office

Former MLA Surendra Kapil speaking in a seminar organized on the occasion of birth anniversary at the party office

Former MLA Surendra Kapil and State Secretary Praveen Chaudhary while addressing the seminar said that Rajiv Gandhi also took the initiative to strengthen Panchayati Raj to bring development to the last rung citizens of the country. Whose Panchayati Raj Act was made and today at the Panchayat level, the local people through their Panchayats work to ensure the development of rural areas according to their needs. During his tenure, Rajiv Gandhi made agreements like Punjab, Mizoram, Assam, Nagaland etc. to ensure peace within the country. At the same time, after making an agreement to establish peace in Sri Lanka, the Indian Peace Keeping Force was sent there.

it exists
Among those who paid homage to Rajiv Gandhi in the program, along with both the presidents, mainly former MLA Surendra Kapil, state secretary Praveen Chaudhary, senior Congress leader Qazi Shaukat Hussain, former divisional spokesperson Narendra Sharma, district spokesperson Ganesh Dutt Sharma, AICC member Ashok Saini , District Vice President Manish Tyagi, District Treasurer Hariom Mishra, Seva Dal District President Imran Qureshi, Seva Dal Metropolitan President Amardeep Jain, District Secretary Akshay Chaudhary, Virsen Upadhyay, Metropolitan Vice President Ikram Khan, Gulsher Alvi, Sompal Kashyap, Arif Mansoori, Arshad Soni, Amit Sharma , Pandit Suman Sharma, Munesh Sehgal, S.Prabhjit Singh, Naseeb Khan, Jabbar Ahmed, Mohammad Kashif were present.

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