China-Taiwan Conflict: Have War Bells Ringed Between China and Taiwan?

China-Taiwan Conflict: Has the bell of war rung between China and Taiwan? This question is arising because the guns of China have started firing again at many mouths simultaneously. The shells falling from the warships of China are indicating that the preparations for the war are now in full swing. Before attacking Taiwan, China has started its siege and has given its full force on the preparations for war.

A day earlier, China tried its best to intimidate Taiwan by conducting maneuvers in the East China Sea. Along with the exercise, China sent its spy ship in the East China Sea, which would monitor the sea. According to the Chinese government, this ship has been sent for Maritime Monitoring and Control Mission.

Attempts to threaten Taiwan

After this, today the Chinese army will start military exercises close to Hong Kong. Before the exercise, China has issued a warning, in which the movement of ships has been banned due to military activities. That is, China is constantly threatening Taiwan in a way by doing maneuvers.

China’s army is encircling Taiwan from all sides, the situation is such that war can happen at any time.

However, Taiwan has also started preparations to respond to China’s attacks. These preparations of China and Taiwan are enough to tell that the war is about to knock and if it happens then there will be great devastation because America will go straight to war with Taiwan.

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