China is repeatedly crossing Taiwan’s border in the sea and sky

China In Taiwan: The process of Chinese ships crossing Taiwan’s limits in the sea and in the sky continues. On August 19, 2022, the presence of 6 Chinese Navy Ships and 17 Fighter Planes was recorded from Taiwan side. According to the Taiwan Defense Ministry, 8 fighter planes of China have crossed its Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ). This included aircraft such as the Su30-2, J11-2 and JH7.

In retaliation, Taiwanese fighter planes also flew for combat air patrolling. Along with this, Taiwan’s naval warship and air defense system have also been put on alert. There is a constant tension between China and Taiwan. A large number of Chinese fighter planes and seaplanes are being seen in the territory of Taiwan.

Taiwan also expressed its intentions

On Wednesday, Taiwan also made its intentions clear and signaled to China that it would not be afraid. Taiwan on Wednesday demonstrated an F16V fitted with US-made anti-ship missiles at an airbase in eastern Hualien County. Taiwan has been continuously upgrading its fighter planes in recent years in view of the tension with China. Often Chinese fighter planes enter its airspace.

China is furious

Significantly, China threatened US Senate Speaker Nancy Pelosi not to come to Taiwan. Nancy Pelosi came to Taiwan, bypassing China’s threat. Since then, China has been furious and its fighter planes and naval ships are continuously entering the territory of Taiwan. China had also fired several ballistic missiles around Taiwan, describing it as a military exercise. Apart from this, China had announced to ban Nancy Pelosi and her family members. At the same time, China also canceled many agreements with America.

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