Chhavi Mittal reacts to IG user calling it ‘child abuse’ to kiss her children: ‘Unimaginable’


Actor Chhavi Mittal is an avid social media user who keeps sharing snippets of her life on Instagram and YouTube. On Wednesday, she shared a strong message for a social media user who called it ‘child abuse’ and criticized Chhavi for kissing her kids. Chhavi has two kids–daughter Areeza and son Arham. Also read: Chhavi Mittal calls out people’s double standards as they object to her kissing pic with husband

She shared a screenshot of the user’s comment which read, “Dislike for thumbnail image..we should not kiss our kids like that. I would consider this was child abuse. Sorry. Soon after many fans came out in Chhavi’s support. Talking about the incident, the actor wrote, “Unimaginable that some people can have an objection to how a mother loves her kids.”

“The comments that came in my support to this troll’s comment are not just in my support, they are in support of humanity. Love. Unfathomable love,” she continued. The actor further added some photos of herself planting kisses on her kids and said, “Sharing a few more pictures of me kissing both my babies on their mouths, coz I don’t know how to set boundaries for my love for them. I teach them to be unabashed about showing love, and they reciprocate. The only thing I teach them to shy away from is hurting people, esp the ones they love. I’d love to know in the comments below, what’s your love language as a parent?!! Tell me.

Chhavi Mittal married director Mohit Hussein in 2004. They welcomed their first child in 2012. They had Arham in 2019. Earlier, Chhavi was also met with heavy criticism on social media after she posted a kissing picture with her husband Mohit Hussein.

In a long post, she shared screenshots of mean comments about ‘exposing her body’ deliberately after posting kissing photos with Mohit. Some were also upset with the couple for sharing their intimate picture. Shutting them down, she said, “I really, really appreciate the polite tone you guys take while you put your thoughts across to me. But the ‘strong’ message I conveyed was of strength, resilience, fighting spirit and to live and let live. While the message resonated with you, the very fact that the image bothered you shows double standards.”

The actor is a cancer survivor. She was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer in April last year. She is now cancer-free. Chhavi is popularly known for shows such as Bandini and the YouTube series The Better Half.


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