Charu Asopa openly said in the new vlog, has made fun of my life, these allegations against husband Rajiv

Charu Asopa New Vlog Out: TV actress Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen are in discussion about their relationship for the past few days. It all started when Charu shared in his vlog on YouTube that Rajeev is an “emotionally careless” father and doesn’t spend enough time with his family. There are reports of divorce of Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen’s brother Rajeev Sen and TV actress Charu Asopa. Meanwhile, Charu is continuously releasing her vlogs on YouTube (Charu Asopa vlog). Recently, Charu has shared a new vlog in which she is telling that it was not easy for her to take the decision of divorce.

Charu made many allegations against Rajiv Sen

The actress of the TV show ‘Mere Angne Mein’ said that she has given many chances to Rajiv, now after going above the water, she is taking the legal route. On the other hand, Rajiv accused Charu of hiding his first marriage. So at the same time, Charu has also made many serious allegations against Rajiv. On 16 August, Charu shared a new vlog titled ‘It’s not easy for me’ on his YouTube channel. In the vlog, Charu reveals that Ziyana has finally started walking. He is very happy with this. The actress said that apart from Gianna, I have nothing else. Nothing is going well in my life. I feel like my life has been made fun of. Living is a way for me to be happy. Otherwise I can’t even tell what phase I am going through.”

Trollers reprimanded

Charu said that her personal life is getting trolled on social media and she is currently going through the toughest phase of her life. He spoke openly against the troll. Charu said, when I read people’s comments on social media, I feel that man this is my personal life. If I am taking any decision then there can be many reasons behind it. No one takes such a big decision in a joking manner. The actress further said that no one does marriage for the sake of separation. Today when I am separating after 3 years, I can be happy! But at this time there is no other way in my life to be happy other than Gianna. It hurts to see you guys comments and vlogs.

Charu is raising daughter alone

In an interview given to Pinkvilla, Charu spoke many things against Rajiv. He told that, whenever there is any problem, he (Rajeev) leaves the house and goes away. Once he said that, he leaves the house to avoid a fight, but after you leave I am left alone to take care of the child and the house. I am alone trying to save the relationship. He always ran away from situations and hence the problems were never solved. In these three years of our relationship, problems have increased, which have not been resolved.

Charu also said that, “I am separating from Rajiv but Rajiv and Gianna are not separating.” People ask her to stay with Rajiv for the sake of Ziyana, but now it is not possible as we have parted ways.”

Charu Asopa, furious over the news of patchup, revealed many secrets, said – I have blocked Rajeev Sen

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