Chambal river has descended below the danger mark: Administrative officers issued helpline numbers for cooperation in the disaster

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Chambal River.

The Meteorological Department has predicted heavy rains in the surrounding area including Bhind district. Due to the rain, there is a possibility of flood in the river and drain. In such a situation, the people living in low-lying settlements have been alerted by the district administration. At the same time, helpline numbers have also been issued by the district administration. With the help of these numbers, helpline numbers have been issued for the proper management and administrative support of the district residents to deal with disasters like floods.

100 mm rain in bhind

Bhind city has recorded the best rainfall in the last 24 hours. 100 mm of rain has been recorded in Bhind block. On the other hand, 16 mm of rain has been recorded in Ater block. Mehgaon has recorded 20 mm of rain, Gohad 26 mm. 15 mm of rain has been recorded in Lahar, 17 in Raun, 23 in Mihona, 15 mm in Gormi. There it was cloudy throughout the day.

Chambal water descended, Sindh-Kwarri river increased

Chambal river flowing in the border of Bhind district is in spate. However, the water level of Chambal river has started declining due to lesser flow of water coming from Kota barrage. The water level of Chambal river at Udi Ghat has been recorded at 116.07 meters by the Water Resources Department on Saturday evening. Whereas till a day earlier, the water level of Chambal had exceeded the danger mark by four meters. Now the water level of Chambal has started declining. Although Chambal is flowing with full flow. People of the area around Chambal have been advised to be vigilant. Here, the water level of the river Sindh is in spate due to the release of Mahini Damha in the river Sindh, which has reached 3.70 meters at Mehda Ghat. The water level is rising continuously towards the danger mark. Similarly, there has been an increase in the water level of the Quanri river. The water level of Quanri river has reached 4.80 meters. Which is flowing one meter below the danger mark.

helpline number

to file a complaint 07534- 181
Give information to these numbers

07534- 230061, 62, 63, 64, 65

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