Case of fraud on ration shop operator in Sagar: Moong was not distributed to school children, embezzlement of 12 lakhs by getting the thumbs of beneficiaries


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  • Moong Was Not Distributed For School Children, Embezzlement Of 12 Lakhs By Getting The Thumbs Of Beneficiaries

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Ration shop located at Lidhaurahat.

Irregularities have come to the fore in Sagar’s government fair price shop, Lidhaurahat. The moong operator, who came to the school children at the ration shop, took out the thumbs of the beneficiaries. But did not deliver. Free ration was also not distributed to the beneficiaries. When the Junior Supply Officer investigated the ration shop, embezzlement of about Rs 12 lakh was exposed. After which Junior Supply Officer Charu Jain reached Baheria police station and complained. On the complaint, the police have registered a case against ration shop operators Shubham Vaishnav and Amarjeet under other sections including cheating.

Junior Supply Officer Charu Jain said that after receiving frequent complaints of Lidhaurahat ration shop, the shop was inspected and investigated. Operator Shivam Vaishnav and FP S-2 Amarjeet Singh were operating the shop at Devisingh’s house in Lidhaurahat. A board with the name of the shop was found on the spot. The price list was found to be empty. Board of Monitoring Committee and food samples were not displayed. The food grains kept at the operation site were counted. In which 80 kg of millet was found. Along with this, a total of 1.35 kg rice was found kept in 3 sacks. Apart from this, sugar, salt, wheat, moong, jowar, kerosene were found to be zero.
Free ration was not distributed
During the investigation, statements of the beneficiaries present on the spot like Sachin Lodhi, Kailash Lodhi, Kalyan Singh etc. were taken. He told in his statements that ever since the free ration scheme started, the seller of government fair price shop, Lidhaurahat, Shivam has distributed free ration once. Apart from this, free ration has never been distributed. Only money scheme ration has been given. Money ration was also given in the month of July 2022. Vendors get their thumbs installed in the machine every month. But they do not give the full ration nor do they give the slip of the machine. The moong which had come to the shop for distribution to the students of government schools, only the thumbs of the beneficiaries were put on it and moong has not been distributed.

The stock of food grains found at the shop and the stock recorded in the POS machine were checked. During the investigation, many irregularities were revealed in the shop. At the same time, embezzlement of about 12 lakh rupees was found. After which, on the instructions of the Collector, Junior Supply Officer Jain reached the police station and complained. Baheria police station in-charge Divya Prakash Tripathi said that on the complaint of the department, a case has been registered against Shivam and Amarjeet, the operators of Government Fair Price Lidhaurahat. The matter is being investigated.

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