Boyfriend kills girlfriend in Balrampur: first strangled, then thrown into the pond, police arrested the accused

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Accused who killed Pramika in police custody in Balrampur.

The Balrampur police on Saturday disclosed the murder of a teenager that took place two days ago. The girl’s boyfriend has been arrested in the police case. During interrogation, the lover told that the girl was pressurizing him to run away from the house. Because of this he was killed.

The body of 17-year-old Bitta of Rampur Kolwa village was found in the pond two days ago. The girl’s father had feared murder on some people of the village itself. The post-mortem report revealed murder. Police started investigating the matter. During this it came to know that Bitta was having an affair with Chhote Babu alias Chandrabhan of the village itself. When Bitta’s family members came to know about this, they stopped leaving the house. On August 14, both of them decided to run away from the house after talking on the phone. On the night of 14 August, Bitta ran away from her house and reached Chandrabhan. At first Chandrabhan agreed, but then he refused to run away.

Police sent the accused to jail

When Bitta started insisting, Chandrabhan took her to the sugarcane field on the pretext and strangled her to death. Taking the opportunity, the dead body was thrown in the pond near the village. The next day, Bitta’s clothes and slippers were found lying on the banks of the pond, while her body was found in the pond. The family members lodged a complaint in Kotwali, anticipating the murder. Inspector in-charge of Nagar Kotwali, Sanjay Kumar Dubey said that the accused Chandrabhan has been arrested and sent to jail.

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