Big disclosure of terrorists arrested in Punjab: Delhi, Mohali and Moga were the target; There was preparation for killing many targets.

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4 terrorists caught from Delhi have made a big disclosure in front of Punjab Police. Gangster terrorist Arsh Dalla and the associates of Gurjanta Janta were on the target of these terrorists in Delhi, Mohali and Moga. Here these terrorists had to do target killing. For which some weapons had reached him. There were still more weapons to come. After which he was to be given a target.

After this revelation, Punjab Police has raided many places in Mohali and Moga. On Thursday, he was produced in a Mohali court and was remanded for 5 days. In which the police will inquire about their target so that they can be alerted.

Apart from hand grenades, IED, the police recovered 9MM pistols and cartridges from these terrorists.

Were in touch with jailed gangsters
When the police interrogated, the arrested terrorists Deepak Moga, Sunny Isapur, Sandeep Singh and Vipin Jakhar made many revelations. He told that he was also in touch with the gangsters lodged in the jail. One of them, Sukhpal Singh, is being questioned by the police by bringing him on a production warrant. A file is also being prepared to bring many other gangsters. The police is trying their best to trace the target from them.
Gangster Arsh Dalla, who was handling them sitting in Canada.

Gangster Arsh Dalla, who was handling them sitting in Canada.

Pakistani army weapons found
Police investigation revealed that the 9MM pistol and cartridges recovered from them are used by the Pakistani Army. The police has already termed it as ISI sponsored terror module by Pakistani intelligence agency. 3 hand grenades and an IED have also been recovered from them.

Preparations to bring Dalla from Canada
Punjab Police is now preparing to bring Canada-based gangster terrorist Arshdeep Dalla to India. These terrorists were working at the behest of Gurjat junta sitting in Dalla and Australia. A Red Corner Notice has been issued against Dalla in May 2022. However, Dalla clarified through a social media post. Dalla said he was not a terrorist. Nor did he explode. Only 9MM pistol and cartridges were found from Deepak and Sunny, they did not have hand grenade and IED. Police should not make them terrorists forcibly.

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