‘Baba’s bulldozer’ came out on the streets of America, people celebrated by raising slogans of Zindabad

Independence Day 2022: On the completion of 75 years of independence, Indians all over the world celebrated Independence Day. On this occasion, pictures of Indians hoisting the national flag from different corners of the world are being seen on social media. In this sequence, the people of New Jersey Indian community of America took out the tricolor yatra. The special thing about this yatra is that ‘Baba’s bulldozer’ was also taken out in it.

Under the recent action in the government of CM Yogi Adityanath, the bulldozers that went to the houses of criminals are also popular in America. This is the reason why people of Indian origin took out a bulldozer march on this special occasion of independence and celebrated independence. During this, the slogans of New Jersey’s Edition Township CM Yogi Zindabad and Bulldozer Baba Zindabad resonated.

UP CM Yogi Adityanath He was earlier known as Yogi Baba. But recently, in view of the bulldozer action on the property of criminals in the government of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, his name was bulldozer. The name of CM’s Buvdozar Baba was very much discussed.

People all over the world celebrated the elixir of freedom

On the 75th anniversary of Independence Day, the Amrit Festival of Independence was celebrated by hoisting the tricolor at the historic Times Square in New York, America. This flag hoisting event was organized in the US by the Federation of India and the New York Metropolitan Region.

Indian Consulate General Randhir Jaswal hoisted the tricolor on this occasion. New York City Mayor Eric Adams was also present at the event. Famous musicians Devi Sri Prasad and Shankar Mahadevan also made their presence felt on this occasion of hoisting the Indian National Flag in New York. Shankar Mahadevan tied the knot by singing the patriotic song ‘Ae Watan Mere Aabad Rahe Tu..’. The diaspora present on the spot mingled with Shankar Mahadevan’s voice and Times Square reverberated.

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