Awareness campaign about traffic rules in Khargone: 230 people lost their lives, 798 people injured in 658 accidents in the last 7 months

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The process started in Khargone to make the drivers aware of the rules through traffic awareness campaign. Under the year 2022, 658 road accidents took place in the district from January to July. 230 drivers lost their lives in these accidents. At the same time, 798 people were injured in the accidents. Traffic awareness campaign has been started in the district from 22nd August. On Tuesday, 23 August, a rally organized by Superintendent of Police Dharamvir Singh Yadav under the traffic campaign was flagged off. During the helmet awareness rally that came out in the city, the team of the driving school along with the police personnel also participated. Along with this, the showroom operators of the city were also made aware about the wearing of helmets through a rally.

City traffic in-charge Deepender Singh said that in order to make the general public aware of the rules of traffic, through banners related to road safety on a vehicle and through public address system, people regarding instructions and awareness regarding following the rules of traffic. was told. At the same time, he said that along with the traffic rules, black spots have been marked there by the team of traffic department after inspecting on different routes of the district. At the same time, the concerned department has been informed for the repair of roads. So that road accidents can be reduced.

Any amount can be won by becoming a noble person

Traffic in-charge Deependra Swarnakar said that any person can save his life by promptly transporting the seriously injured person to the hospital, Tram Care Center in Golden Hour. He will be given an amount of Rs 5000 and a citation from the Ministry of Road Transport and State Roads.

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