Ask for money on WhatsApp by putting a photo of Meerut DM, Gift: For the second time in 2 months, such incident came from unknown mobile number, cyber fraud in the name of DM

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DM Deepak Meena

A case of cyber fraud has come to the fore in the name of Meerut District Magistrate Deepak Meena. This is the second time in two months such an incident has happened. When money and gifts have been asked from people from WhatsApp number with DM’s photo. The police has started investigating the matter, while the DM has appealed to the public not to respond to such numbers or messages.

Asking for gifts from this number’s WhatsApp
The photo of DM Deepak Meena is on the WhatsApp app running from mobile number 9401137574. From this number, many officials have been asked to give gift cards and gifts through messages. This mobile number and the WhatsApp DM running on it do not belong to Deepak Meena. Nor do they know this number. DM says it is completely fake.

2 months ago fraud from second number
Exactly two months before today too, gifts and money were demanded from the officers by putting DM Deepak Meena’s photo on WhatsApp DP. Whose DM had complained to Meerut Police. Then the number 8184946591 was used for fraud. This time this fraud is being done from the second number.

District Magistrate Deepak Meena said
Incidents of such fake messages have been happening with people in the past, they still happen. This time someone did it to me. That’s why I appeal to everyone that if any gift card or money demand comes from any number, then Ignore it to the police, do not reply on it. The demands made in my name are fake, ignore them. The police is investigating the matter

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