Anupamaa written update Sept 17: Kinjal leaves Toshu for cheating on her; Vanraj kicks him out of the house

The latest episode of Anupamaa is going to be a turning point in the show. Kinjal decides to leave Paritosh; after which Vanraj throws him out of the house. Angered and dejected, Toshu blames his mother Anupamaa for breaking his family apart. Read the full article to know more. Also Read| Anupamaa’s Ashish Mehrotra cried before filming Toshu’s infidelity storyline

Kinjal leaves Paritosh

After exposing Toshu in front of the entire family, Anupamaa is blamed by Leela for breaking up Toshu and Kinjal’s family. Leela continues to sympathize with Toshu and argues he deserves a second chance. However, Anupamaa is completely against it. Toshu gets furious at Anupamaa for not being lenient with him over his ‘small mistake.’ He attempts to convince Kinjal to forgive him but Kinjal has made her decision. She has decided to break her relationship with Toshu.

Heartbroken Toshu asks Kinjal for her kindness but after knowing what he has done, Kinjal is not ready to let her daughter have a father like him. She is determined to leave Toshu. Keep reading this article to find out what Toshu will do after Kinjal’s final decision.

Vanraj kicks Toshu out

After deciding to leave Toshu, Kinjal worries about leaving her beloved in-laws as well. However, Vanraj decides to separate Toshu from the family instead of letting his daughter-in-law leave the house. Leela tries to stop this from happening but to no avail. Even after being thrown out of the house, Toshu has no remorse. He continues to defend himself shamelessly. He stops apologising and instead starts blaming Anupamaa and the rest of the family for destroying his life. On the other hand, Barkha sides with Leela and adds that the situation could have been handled more calmly. However, Rakhi Dave has a change of heart and she supports Anupamaa and thanks her for protecting her daughter.

Meanwhile, Samar tries to calm Toshu down but he leaves determined to hurt Anupamaa for getting him kicked out of the family. Now it’s time for Kinjal to be strong and get back to her motherhood duties and so she does. She wipes her tears and takes care of her child as if nothing happened. It will be interesting to see how Toshu will try to get back at Anupamaa and what will she do next.

In the upcoming episode, Anuj comforts Anupamaa after the entire drama cools off. Kinjal feels miserable and Kavya catches her breaking down. She runs to get Anupamaa but before they return, something horrible has already happened to Kinjal. Read the next written update on HT highlights to know more.

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