Anupamaa written update August 19: Barkha and Ankush try to assert their authority over Anupamaa

In this episode of Anupamaa, Barkha and Ankush attempt to assert their authority over Anupamaa related to both Anuj’s healthcare and business dealings. Anupamaa thwarts their attempts and instead focuses on planning a celebration for both Anuj’s birthday and Janmashtami. She also gives an ultimatum to Barkha and Ankush on their behavior with her and members of the family in the future. Also Read: Anupamaa written update Aug 18: Vanraj prays for Anuj’s health, thinks he pushed him off the cliff

Anupamaa shifts Anuj to his room

Anupamaa recites a ‘shayari’ for Anuj, and comments that she can’t wait for him to awaken so she can hear some more of his poems. Little Anu enters the room and sits on Anupamaa’s lap, Anupamaa suggests that they all take a photo. Anupamaa also requests Little Anu to not enter Anuj’s room, and if she does enter, to make sure not to fiddle around with the medical equipment. Little Anu readily agrees and asks Anupamaa if she can spend some time in Anu’s room. Anupamaa happily agrees.

Anupamaa plans on making sure that she manages both household and Anuj’s business in his absence but fate has other plans. While she prepares to stay on top of all her responsibilities, Barkha plots to take over the business by getting rid of Anupamaa. Keep reading to find out more on the new challenges of Anupamaa’s life.

Barkha, Ankush and Anupamaa have a confrontation

Anupamaa walks to the living room where Barkha, Ankush, GK and Hasmukh were already present. Barkha immediately attempts to assert her authority over Anupamaa, by implying that Anupamaa’s choices for both the doctor and the nurse were inadequate and that she has made provisions for the same. Anupamaa initially was taken aback but responded that she didn’t require anybody’s help either from her children or from Barkha or Ankush. Barkha seemed to get even more frustrated and started accusing Anupamaa of not taking action against Vanraj in spite of his confession of having pushed Anuj off. She also accuses her of incompetence in handling the family business. Barkha also insulted GK by referring to him as a servant when he tried to interject.

At this point Anupamaa lost her cool, she stated that GK is more a father figure than a servant in this household. Anupamaa mentions that she will be hosting a celebration for both Janmashtami and Anuj’s birthday on the same day, and she wants the party to be about Love and Happiness.

She then gives an ultimatum to both Ankush and Barkha that if they wish to attend the celebrations, they cannot and will not speak this way of her and of her family, otherwise they aren’t welcome.

Read the upcoming updates on HT highlights, Anupamaa organizes a celebration for Anuj and Barkha plans something to increase hers and Ankush’s authority in the family and in the business. Stay tuned to find out more.

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