Amritsar Police Solve Blind Murder Case: 50-year-old Divyang was killed by nephew’s wife along with Aashiq

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Sonia and Rajandeep Singh caught by the police.

Police have solved the mystery of the murder of Divyang in Amritsar district of Punjab in 12 hours. The murder was done not for money, but because of love affairs. Taking action, the police arrested Sonia, the wife of the nephew of the deceased, and Rajandeep Singh, a resident of Maqboolpura, his lover.
File photo of the deceased.

File photo of the deceased.

The body of 50-year-old handicapped Narinder Singh alias Nind was found in Moolchak, Amritsar. The vegetable seller in the area saw Narinder’s body. Narinder’s body had turned blue. The deceased was accompanied by his nephew, wife Surinder Kaur alias Sonia and children. When the police took Sonia’s statement, they found it very strange in it, after which the police questioned Sonia strictly. When Sonia was investigated, her own love affair with a distant relative came to the fore.

love angle came in front

The deceased Narinder lived at home due to being handicapped. Narinder’s grocery shop was also outside the house. He was repeatedly obstructing the meeting between the accused Sonia and Rajandeep, a resident of Maqboolpura. Therefore, both of them together planned to kill him only to remove him from the middle.

58 thousand rupees recovered from both the accused

Accused Sonia knew that Narinder’s committee of Rs 58 thousand had come out. After the murder, both Sonia and Rajandeep distributed the money. Police has recovered 28 thousand rupees from Rajandeep and 30 thousand rupees from Sonia.

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