Amrit Sarovar developed in Hapur: 55 ponds developed from 2.5 crores, became a tourist destination for people

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The development of Amrit Sarovar by the administration in Hapur has become a tourist destination for the people. Due to the Amrit Sarovar scheme of the government, the ponds of the district were developed. 55 ponds developed in the form of Amrit Sarovar in the district have taken the form of tourist places on 15th August. Amrit Sarovar made of about 2.5 crores has become a tourist destination for villages. People have also started visiting them.

This time on the Amrit Mahotsav, people were excited to see the Amrit Sarovars in the villages. The government overturned the ponds, the ponds were beautified at a cost of about 2.5 crores. Tricolors have been erected around the lake. Villagers shouted slogans by forming a human chain.

Nearby people were also coming to see the lake. There was water in the lakes. Due to this the internal beauty of the pond was affected. The exterior work is also almost complete. Many lakes remain the center of the beauty of nature for the people.
55 ponds have been developed as Amrit Sarovar.

55 ponds have been developed as Amrit Sarovar.

DM posted on tweet
Amrit Sarovar has been made wonderfully. Nearby villagers are also roaming as tourist places to see Amrit Sarovar. At the same time, DM Medha Rupam has made a video of Amrit Sarovar of a village and posted it on his private and government Twitter account. Which is becoming very viral.

Amrit Sarovar became beautiful by 2.5 crores
DPRO Virendra Singh says that about Rs 5 lakh has been spent on one lake. 55 ponds have been developed as Amrit Sarovar. Amrit Sarovar of other villages will also be ready soon. The plan of the government is to connect the people with the development of ponds.

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