Amit Pachori: The real challenge lies in striking the right balance in life

Actor-producer Amit Pachori feels it’s quite a rational attempt to try one’s hand at two creative tasks at the same time. For him the real challenge lies in striking the right balance between the two jobs he has undertaken.

“It’s actually tough to be a producer than being an actor. Especially when you are managing the finances all on your own. It’s only when I trust a story that I decide to back it. See, it’s a two-way sword to produce a project in today’s time. It’s only after much contemplation, I am solely producing my next web series where I am also playing the protagonist. It was the story that got me on board,” says the Jhansi Ki Rani, Veer Shivaji and Ramayan actor.

Talking about the real challenges one faces as a producer, he says, “Today, you have a big team to cater as a maker and that’s not easy. Earlier, it was not so – particularly on TV. Things have changed 360 degrees in just a few years. Today, even if you have a good story in hand and things in place still the channels offer you a very restricted budget along with too many ifs and buts.”

After backing projects like Vignaharta and Crime Alert, Pachori says, “Small budgets and too much interference kills the creativity as well as the essence of story. That’s more the reason I decided to turn into a producer. For now, I am solely producing my series Blood Valley as I don’t want to compromise on the making at all. Once completed only then I will approach platforms.”

Currently, the Zindagi Reset actor is busy with a daily. “Acting is very much happening because if I have to keep myself afloat as a producer then I need to take up good acting projects. Just a couple of months back I joined Anupama and, along with it, I am also acting in my OTT project,” Pachori concludes.

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