Amazing this smart pillow! Records heartbeat, snores and breaths, gives peace of mind

World Sleep Day 2023: You must have heard smartphone, smart TV or smart speaker, but have you ever heard about smart pillow. Yes, a smart pillow. Xiaomi launched a smart pillow in the month of September last year. Instead of launching this pillow in the global market, it was launched only in the Chinese market. However, still the features of this pillow surprised people. Talking about the features, according to the company, this pillow is capable of capturing heartbeat, snoring, body movement and breath accurately. Let us know the features and price of this pillow on the occasion of World Sleep Day 2023 today.

Xiaomi MIJIA Pillow Features

The new Xiaomi smart pillow uses AI algorithms for health and fitness tracking. This pillow does not create any type of obstruction in sleep. The company has said that this smart pillow gives all the necessary information about the users’ sleep status and deep sleep and also tells the sleep score. Bluetooth connectivity has been provided in it, so that it can be connected to other smart devices. The company offers a sleep cycle guarantee for this pillow. The pillow needs to be charged, for which it comes with 4 AAA batteries that provide power for up to 60 days of use.

Xiaomi MIJIA Smart Pillow Price

The price of this pillow which gives restful sleep is 299 yuan i.e. around 3,434 rupees. The pillow is available in the Chinese market but it is not known when it will be available globally. The company says that the pillow is value for money as the MIJIA Smart Pillow relaxes muscles and offers users a peaceful and fresh sleep. The pillow comes with strong antibacterial protection. Its exterior is perfect for seven screens of softness.

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