Alert regarding lumpy virus: give information immediately as soon as lumpy symptoms appear

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An alert has been issued regarding the lumpi disease spreading in animals. The government has given instructions to take treatment seriously as soon as symptoms appear. For the prevention of lumpi in the state, a control room has been established in the State Animal Disease Investigation Laboratory, Bhopal. Advisory is being issued by NIHSAD in the area affected by lumpy skin disease. Director Animal Husbandry and Dairying has directed all the departmental officers of the state to adopt all bio-security, bio-safety, vector control measures if symptoms of the disease are found. Make animal owners aware of safety and protection measures. Immediately send the samples of suspected animal to the laboratory and ensure ring vaccination with gout pox vaccine and adequate storage of the drug within a radius of 5 km from the site of rupture. Veterinary institutions, main village unit, veterinary officers of the border area have been asked to visit the area daily and keep a constant vigil.

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