African swine fever reached Satna from Rewa: 2350 pigs died in 17 days, 17 were killed by injection in the Red Zone ward

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In Rewa city, pigs are being slaughtered to prevent the infection of African Swine Fever. Here 2350 pigs have died in 17 days between August 9 and August 25. According to Dr. Rajesh Mishra, Deputy Director of Veterinary Department, ward number 15 Rathara Bansal Basti has been declared as Red Zone and 17 pigs have been killed by giving vaccine between August 23 and August 25.

On August 26, some pigs were reported to have died in Madwa village of Govindgarh area. A joint team has reached the village to investigate. The team includes experts from the Revenue Department, Police Department, Forest Department and Municipal Corporation along with veterinarians. The outbreak of this disease is being seen till Amarpatan in Rewa’s neighboring district of Satna. In such a situation, as a precaution, the Rewa Collector has imposed Section 144. Along with this, a ban has been imposed on the purchase and sale of pigs.
After Assam and Nagaland, the infection reached MP
Expert team members said that till years ago this virus was limited to Assam and Nagaland only. Slowly the virus reached Rewa in Madhya Pradesh via Uttar Pradesh due to purchase, sale and transportation of pigs. Here the African swine fever virus has knocked down to the rural areas after wreaking havoc. On 23 August, this virus has been found in pigs of Uttarakhand.

Work completed on 4 wards, samples will be taken in 41 wards
Dr. Rajesh Mishra said that there are 45 municipal wards in Rewa city. Ward-15 is in the danger zone, while work has been completed in Ward-14, Ward-25 and Ward-26. Now samples of the remaining 41 wards are being taken. The second phase has started from 26 August. Sampling is going on in some other places including Nipania and Dhekaha Mohalla on Friday. A large number of pigs have also died in Dhobia Tank, Bichiya River, Narayan Chakki, Pandan Tola of Rewa city. Here pigs have died in wards – 28, 29, 38, 40, 41, 42, 16, 21, 23, 30, 31, 32, 44 and 45.

On an average, 4 to 5 thousand rupees will be compensated
During the meeting in the collectorate, the district administration has announced compensation for the pig farmers to get rid of the epidemic and not to suffer financial loss. The pig owners will be given compensation amount ranging from Rs 100 to Rs 150 per kg. On an average, 4 thousand to 5 thousand rupees will be given for killing per pig. The administration is also considering the option of employing pig farmers.
8 vehicles deployed to lift dead pigs from infection
The Municipal Corporation has reserved 8 vehicles to lift the dead pigs from the attack of African Swine Fever. It is being told that the process of lifting the dead pigs started from August 8, after which it is going on continuously. According to the Health Officer of the Municipal Corporation, everyone is being buried in the Kuthulia area.

Ban on transport of pigs
With a view to prevent infection in the city, Collector and District Magistrate Manoj Pushp has ordered a ban on the transportation of pigs in the entire district. This order has been issued under Section 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973. According to the order issued, along with the transportation of pigs, the purchase, sale and transportation of pig meat has also been completely banned.Ban on eating pork
The parents have been instructed to take proper care of the cleanliness of the pigs and their health. It has been appealed that the pigs keep the infected pigs separate from the healthy pigs. Do not use the meat of infected pigs under any circumstances. This order will remain in force in the entire district with immediate effect till further orders. For violation of this, action will be taken by registering a case under section 188 of the Indian Penal Code.
Veterinary doctors team deployed
In ward number 15 of the city, there has been an outbreak of African swine fever in pigs. Collector Manoj Pushp has deployed teams of Veterinary Department for its prevention and to prevent infection of the disease in other pigs. Veterinarians and support staff have been included in this team. According to the order issued, Dr. SD Pandey, Dr. YP Singh, Dr. Manish Tiwari and their associates have been deployed in the infected zone affected by the infection.
Police and Forest Department join joint team
Officers of Revenue Department, Police Department, Forest Department and Municipal Corporation have also been included in this team. Veterinary doctors Dr. Arunendra Shukla, Dr. Pankaj Singh, Dr. DS Baghel, Dr. Amit Patel and their associate medical personnel have been deployed in the surveillance zone. Forest, revenue and municipal employees have been included in the team deployed in this zone. The deployed teams are working under the control of Deputy Director Veterinary Services Dr Rajesh Mishra.
If pigs are found roaming in Amarpatan then fine will be imposed
Concern has also increased in Satna after the spread of swine flu infection through pigs in the neighboring district of Rewa. Due to the possibility of infection spreading in the border areas of Satna adjoining Rewa district, the Collector has ordered the departments to be on alert mode and take special precautions. At the same time, the CMO has also issued an order to impose a fine on the pigs found roaming. There has been a stir on Friday after a pig was found dead near Kuchbadhiya pond of Amarpatan town. Collector Anurag Verma has also issued an alert in Satna in view of the spread of swine flu infection in Rewa. The Collector has ordered the CMOs, Veterinary Department and Health Department of all the city councils to keep the preparations in order. Taking special precautions in the border areas of Rewa, the Collector has given orders to the city councils to ban the roaming of pigs. The CMHO has also been asked to keep ready medical arrangements for emergency situations and the veterinary department to keep an eye on the death of pigs and investigate them. CMO Prabhu Shankar Khare, while instructing the pig farmers to keep their pigs tied, has clarified that fines will be imposed if the animal is found roaming.

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