7 bridal lehenga trends for 2022 that are ruling the ethnic fashion industry

With a new year, comes new fashion trends and each year a bride-to-be begins to look for wedding lehengas that signifies the age-old traditional outfits and embraces the trends. These trends are a new approach to bring the traditional outfits to the new light and as these traditional bridal lehengas have so much to offer, we can’t help but swoon over the 7 unique lehenga trends that are currently ruling the bridal fashion industry in India for 2022.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, fashion designer Aaliya Deeba, Founder of Ideebs London, revealed the new bridal lehenga trends for you to check out this wedding season:

1. Technicolor Lehengas – Technicolor Lehengas are back in trend evoking all sorts of nostalgia for the 90’s generation. Retro trends always have a special place in the hearts of Indian people and similar are the patterns found in Indian brides becoming the bridal trend for the year 2022.

2. Lehenga Trails – A queen look is the dream look of any Indian bride; to match this demand there is a surge in dramatic trails of lehenga wherein the longer the trail of the lehenga the better the queen look. This look is one of the trending and most anticipated bridal look.

3. Shimmer Lehengas – Like every other year, Shimmer still continues to be strong this year as well and is one of the most favourite options of Indian brides. Every Indian bride wants to shine and look elegantly beautiful on their wedding day thus shimmer be in the form of mirror work, metallic or sequins all are popular choices among Indian brides and continue to do so.

4. Blurple Lehenga – The Pantone Colour of the year has become the newest emerging trend of 2022 wherein the colour very-peri or blurple has become the eye-catching colour as it displays a joyous and spritely attitude. Pastel colours have always been in trend but this bridal season pantone’s colour of the year is here to leave its mark in Indian brides.

5. Maximalist Lehenga – Though Minimalism is a trend of western cultures its influence has still not affected Indian brides as they still prefer maximalist attire when it comes to weddings as they prefer royal vibes. The jewellery and the lehengas both play a crucial role to portray a maximalist style in Indian bridal lehengas.

6. Can–Can Lehenga – Traditional wedding lehengas are all about fluff and flair that makes the bridal lehenga look elegant and beautiful in itself. The net underneath the skirt helps the bridal lehenga to add a great volume and gives the perfect princess look which one can anticipate in a modern lehenga. Can-Can lehenga are used in lehenga fabrics like Crepe, georgette, chiffon which are known to be comfortable and lets you enjoy your wedding with utmost comfort.

7. Off-White Lehenga – Indian traditional weddings are all about colours like red, orange, pink however with western cultures influencing Indians greatly, Indian brides have shown interest in white and off-white lehengas matching the white bridal dress worn by westerners. Off-white lehengas have its own mischievous element making it look elegant and perfect for an Indian bridal wedding.

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