5 tips to take care of your nails in monsoon

ByZarafshan Shiraz, Delhi

Monsoon is here and with a continuous downpour, one might think it is time to enjoy a much-needed break from all that scorching heat but as the rain continues, fungal and bacterial infections appear impacting the skin along with our nails. Well, worry not!

Want to keep your nails healthy and infection free in rainy season? In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Rajesh U Pandya, Managing Director at KAI India, revealed 5 tips to make your nails monsoon ready:

1. Trim and keep it short – If you don’t want to invite unwanted bacterial infections to reside inside your nails, don’t forget to trim them regularly with a good quality nail clipper. Avoid chrome coated nail clippers as they tend to rust in corners and cause an increase in infection. Let this be your mantra for the monsoon season.

2. Keep the feet and toenails dry – Your feet and toenails are exposed to the dirty monsoon water the most. This makes them more vulnerable to the damage and brittleness. The accumulation of dirt leads to the formation of dead skin around them. Your selection of footwear plays an important role to avoid all this. Wear open shoes or sandals instead of closed leather shoes. Once you remove them, dry the feet and nails. Being anti-fungal is the most important part of your monsoon hygiene essentials. Make sure you apply it around your toenails and fingernails at least once a day to prevent infections.

3. Paint it with care – Most of the girls like using nail paint! There’s nothing wrong with using nail paints during the monsoon. Just try to use chemical free and environment friendly nail colours. Even when you are choosing the nail colour remover, pick the ones with Vitamin A, C and E if possible, to support nail health.

4. Soak them in lukewarm water – Washing the hands with lukewarm water keep them soft and smooth. It also acts as anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Hence, it is highly recommended to use a nail pick to remove grime from hidden corners and nail bed.

5. Healthy diet – Last but not the least, it is very important that you eat healthy not just during the monsoon but everyday. Specifically in monsoons, you can include health supplements like Vitamin E and Omega 3 in your diet. Also, a good balance of protein is highly recommended in your diet.

Take care of your nails just like you take care of your body!

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