20 lakh ransom demanded from restaurant owner: The caller told himself to be close to Lawrence, asked to put the money in the account


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A case of demanding ransom of 20 lakhs from a restaurant owner has come to light in Amritsar, Punjab. The person asking for money has described himself as close to gangster Lawrence. Instead of a normal call, the accused has threatened to call the restaurant owner on WhatsApp.

Hardeepak Singh, the owner of a well-known restaurant in Amritsar’s Ranjit Avenue, complained to the police station Ranjit Avenue about receiving threats for money. Hardeepak informed the police that he had received a WhatsApp call at 9:58 am. Due to network issue, they could not hear anything and the call got disconnected within 2-3 seconds. They also did not take any action considering it as a fake call.

Called again and asked for 20 lakhs

According to Hardeepak, the call came again for the second time. This time the caller’s voice on the phone was clear. The accused identified himself as close to the gangster Lawrence. After which the accused asked him to deposit Rs 20 lakh in an account. At present, the police is not sharing the account details so that the bank account details can be extracted.

The accused who called the doctors caught

Last month, eight doctors from Amritsar had also received calls for ransom. After which the police took action and arrested two youths from East Champaran in Uttar Pradesh. Similarly, this youth used to make WhatsApp calls from foreign numbers and pressurize the doctors to pay money.

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