2 lakh was grabbed by getting the death certificate of the brother alive: 6 bighas of land was also made in his name, case filed against 3

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In Sambhal, the man got the insurance amount of 2 lakhs made by making a fake death certificate of his alive brother. After the order of the court in Mamway, a case was registered against 3 people. To prove himself alive, the victim is making rounds of government offices with a placard of ‘I am alive sir’ in his hand.

The case is of Muzaffarpur village of Hayat Nagar police station area of ​​the district. Abrar, who lives here, alleges that his real brother Israr conspired against him. He opened an account in the bank. In this, he showed himself as a nominee. After this, by putting a fake death certificate of Abrar, the amount of 2 lakhs of PM life insurance was grabbed.

Got 6 bighas of land also in his name
The victim Abrar alleges that not only this, his elder brother Israr also got his 6 bighas of agricultural land registered in his name on forgery through his fake death certificate. When he resisted, he thrashed his brother Israr and his family members fiercely.

This is the photo of the victim Abrar. He is doing rounds of government offices with the placard of ‘Main Zinda Hoon’ in his hand. ,

If the police did not listen to the complaint, then appealed to the court
The victim Abrar appealed to the Hayatnagar police station for action against his brother Israr, but the police did not take the complaint of Abrar’s fake death certificate seriously. The victim Abrar approached the court to register a case against his elder brother Israr. After which the court, while hearing the petition of the victim Israr, has ordered the police of Hayatnagar police station to register a case against three people including the accused Israr.

CO Jitendra Kumar says that a case has been registered against three people, including the plaintiff’s brother Israr, in the case of grabbing the money of the Prime Minister’s Insurance Scheme by making a fake death certificate. How the fake death certificate was made, the matter is being investigated.

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