1.95 lakh to be recovered from Muzaffar Municipality Chairperson: Anju Agarwal’s RC issued on charges of loss of revenue in the contract of auto rickshaw, tempo fee

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Palika Chairperson Anju Aggarwal – File photo.

After the seizure of financial powers on Muzaffar Nagar Palika Chairperson Anju Agarwal, another difficulty came. While issuing RC, the government has issued recovery orders of Rs 1,95,223 from them. This RC has been issued in the name of the chairperson of the municipality in the case of auto rickshaw tempo fee contract for the year 2018-19 on the allegation of loss of government money.

Member and volunteer had complained

Urban Development Section-2 issued a letter of recovery against Municipality Chairperson Anju Agarwal. After which DM Chandrabhushan Singh issued RC. Complainant member Rajiv Kumar Sharma and President of Jan Vikas Society, Mohd. Khalid had complained on January 21, 2019, alleging that the public auction for the contract for recovery of auto rickshaw tempo fee in the year 2018-19 was conducted on June 13, 2018. The maximum bid of one lakh 40 thousand was received, but the chairperson of the municipality, considering the bid not appropriate, got the auction information published in the newspapers again on July 10, 2018. It was alleged that despite this the auction was not done. The complainants alleged that the chairperson of the municipality spent Rs 64,183 on advertisements. The municipality suffered a loss of Rs 1,95,223. When the government got the matter investigated by the DM, the allegations were found to be true. After which the Urban Development Department directed the municipality chairperson to deposit the amount on government damage.

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