Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written update Aug 18: Mahima questions Akshara for supporting her brother over in-laws

The latest episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is all about Akshara’s struggle with multiple challenges in her life. On one hand, Kairav ​​is still in jail and only Akshara knows the full truth of his innocence; on the other, Mahima accuses her of not caring about her in-laws. Meanwhile, Dr. Kunal comes back and requests Abhimanyu to undergo the surgery as soon as possible. Keep reading this article to know more. Also Read| Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai recap: Police arrests Kairav ​​after Anisha’s death

Goenkas break down

Akshara requests Mahima to understand Kairav’s perspective and trust him. Mahima, instead, gets extremely upset with Akshara for not fighting for justice for Anisha. Manjari attempts to defend Akshara but fails. Mahima is prepared to blame Akshara for everything and does not pay any heed to what she is saying. More troubles are expected to come Akshara’s way as she will try to convince her family members of Kairav’s innocence. More troubles mean more drama and more entertainment for the viewers, keep reading for all updates from the latest episodes.

Back at the Goenka house, Manish breaks down worrying about Kairav ​​and his condition in jail. The police are not even letting them meet Kairav ​​in the jail on Birla’s orders. Aarohi informs Akshara of this situation and she runs to meet her family. As she arrives there, Goenkas break down thinking of the present circumstances. Akshara assures them that she will convince everyone of Kairav’s innocence in this case and will get him out of jail. Aarohi gets doubtful of this, but Akshara stands firm on her faith.

Dr. Kunal returns

Amidst all the wedding drama and subsequent tragedy of Anisha’s demise, Abhimanyu has forgotten all about his hand injury and its operation. Dr. Kunal Khera had also unexpectedly left them over some unknown message. Finally, he comes back to Udaipur and calls Abhimanyu for the surgery. He informs Abhimanyu that he needs to leave the country in a few days and this time, he will be gone indefinitely. Thus, Abhimanyu needs to undergo surgery in the next two days.

Abhimanyu, still in shock at Anisha’s death, is not able to say anything. However, if he doesn’t get his surgery done now, he will lose the strength in his hands forever. Keep reading HT highlights to find out what will be Abhimanyu’s decision.

In the meanwhile, Abhimanyu finds out about Mahima’s troubled state. He suggested that she should take music therapy from Akshara. Mahima gets further agitated at this, reminding him that Akshara has gone to the Goenka house. She further adds that Akshara doesn’t care about them and is taking the side of Anisha’s murderer. Abhimanyu and Manjari defend Akshara but aren’t able to convince Mahima.

Elsewhere, Akshara receives another upsetting news that Abhimanyu is not willing to take the surgery and that he has only two days left to get it done. She immediately returns home where she finds Mahima distressed. Another argument starts over Akshara’s loyalty to her in-laws. Watch the next episode to find another astonishing twist in the story when Kairav ​​decides to do something completely unexpected. Stay tuned to know more.

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