Women from all over the world came in support of PM Sana Marin, shared their dance videos on social media

Finland PM Sanna Marin: After the controversy over the dance video of Finland’s Prime Minister Sanna Marin, now women around the world have come out in her support. The women have shared their dance videos with the hashtag ‘Solidarity with Sanna’, showing solidarity with the Finnish PM. Regarding the dance video of Prime Minister Sanna Marin, it was allegedly said that she was dancing with her friends in a state of intoxication.

After these allegations, Prime Minister Sanna Marin got her drug test done, the report of which came negative. Some political opponents had called Sanna Marin’s behavior in relation to that dance video inappropriate for a prime minister. At the same time, on social media, many women have posted their dance videos with the hashtag Solidarity with Sana. On social media, women disagreed with the arguments of Sana Marin’s opponents and supported Marin.

Women came out in support of Sana Marin

In the video, women are seen dancing in their homes or in public places. While posting her dance video, a user wrote, “We all should dance a little more. I stand with Sana Marin.” Many women politicians from different countries are also among the women who have given their support to the Prime Minister of Finland.

Women politicians of many countries also supported

Member of Parliament in Australia Fiona Patton posted a photo of herself on Twitter, writing: “If taking steam at a party is the worst thing your prime minister has ever done, you are a very lucky country.” At the same time, Member of the European Parliament Tilly Metz posted her dance video showing solidarity with Sana Marin. Along with this, he wrote with the hashtags ‘Right to dance’ and ‘Right to disconnect’, “If you have any problem with a female politician dancing with her friends, then it is your problem, not the politician. We should dance more Dancing makes work even better later.”

Sana Marin’s video went viral

Significantly, Prime Minister Sanna Marin was dancing with her friends in a private apartment. The video of his dance was initially uploaded on Instagram after which it went viral. PM Marin had said about this video that she was spending an evening on the weekend with her friends and these videos were made while dancing in a private apartment.

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