Woman snatched up in Ludhiana VIDEO: purse snatched from woman; Fell from e-rickshaw in scuffle; Loss of 40 thousand and other goods

Ludhiana40 minutes ago

In Ludhiana, Punjab, the purse of a woman going on an e-rickshaw in broad daylight was snatched away by a bike rider and the woman got out of the e-rickshaw and fell on the road. The woman was badly hurt, but the bike rider fled away. The incident took place in Haibowal area. The woman was going home after finishing her duty.

The bike rider snatched the purse of the woman.

The victim was identified as Anuradha Dhawan. The woman works as a receptionist with a doctor on Mall Road. According to the woman, she was going home in a rickshaw after finishing duty when a bike-borne miscreant comes and snatches her purse. While sitting in the rickshaw, he tried to snatch the purse from the bike rider, but it fell on the road.

This caused him a lot of injuries. Anuradha told that she had about 40 thousand rupees and essential items in her purse. 40 thousand he had deposited in the bank to get a new Activa Scooty. He had withdrawn money from the bank today. People took the injured Anuradha to the doctor for treatment. The woman informed the police about the incident. The police reached the spot and is examining the CCTV footage.

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