Woman cried bitterly in front of CM: Every year there is a flood, you have to vacate the house and run away, get a house at a height

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Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan reached Kuthiana and Bilpur villages of Ambah in Morena on Wednesday late evening. A camp of flood affected people was set up here. The Chief Minister had gone to meet the flood affected people present in the camp. While he was getting acquainted with the people, at the same time a woman from Nibaripura village started crying bitterly in front of the CM. Every year there is a flood and they have to leave the house and run away. His entire household has been ruined. After all, how long will he have to run like this, get him home at some height. After listening to the woman, the CM consoled her by placing her hand on her head and promised to get her home. On this occasion half a dozen villagers including Gher, Kuthiana and Bilpur were present in the camp. Women and children were also present among the villagers.

CM and in-charge minister Bharat Singh Kushwaha and others present on the stage

No facilities in the camp
The women and men present in the camp told the Chief Minister that they do not get food on time. Their ration-water has all been submerged in water. The cattle feed kept in the house has been destroyed. The utensils got washed away in the water and the clothes got rotten. His entire household is ruined.
Every year the floods used to wreak havoc
Villagers told that now their village is getting flooded every year, due to which their household has been completely ruined. All the households that he is able to add in a year gets ruined in the flood.

Crowd of Shivrathites present in the camp

Crowd of Shivrathites present in the camp

had to eat
The women told that they have food cravings. They are completely dependent on government assistance. If the government gives them a house on a height, then they can get rid of the problem of flood every year.

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