Why is Dragon scared of the Indian Army’s Project Zoravar? Know what is strategy and what is

Indian Army Project Zoravar: India’s neighboring countries China and Pakistan have often been carrying out provocative activities. In such a situation, the Indian Army is also very cautious with giving a befitting reply regarding security. India is continuously working towards strengthening the security in high altitude areas from the sea. From modern missiles to tanks, drones, helicopters and ships are being deployed. India has started Project Zorawar amidst increased Chinese threats in Eastern Ladakh.

Under Project Zoravar, light tanks will be manufactured in eastern Ladakh to be deployed in vulnerable areas. Under the Make in India campaign, these tanks are planned to be manufactured completely indigenously.

What is Project Zoravar?

Under Project Zoravar, preparations are being made to buy indigenous lightweight tanks. There is a plan to deploy light tanks in the threatened areas in eastern Ladakh. The project is named after Zorawar Singh, a former commander of the princely state of Jammu and Kashmir, who conquered Tibet in the 19th century by defeating the Chinese army. Under Project Zoravar, 350 light tanks will be inducted in the Indian Army. These light tanks will be equipped with Artificial Intelligence Drone System.

Why is Dragon scared of Project Zoravar?

Project Zorawar has been started to give a befitting reply to the Chinese army. The Indian Army is going to buy a very modern technology-equipped tank ‘Zoravar’, which will be able to rid the enemies of sixes in the inaccessible mountainous areas at an altitude of several thousand km. These light tanks will work well in all weather and everywhere. The Dragon’s army is already equipped with such light tanks, which can be easily moved from one place to another on the mountains. In view of the military standoff and challenges on the northern border with China, steps have been taken to deploy light tanks. Although India has given a befitting reply to China with the existing tanks, but when these light tanks join the army, then China can be given a befitting reply with more strength.

What is the strategy of Indian Army?

The Indian Army is engaged in studying closely the ongoing military conflicts in many parts of the world. In the year 2020, the need for light tanks was felt during India’s skirmish with the Dragon’s army, so that by deploying it in inaccessible areas, the soldiers of the enemy country could be defeated. India has designed the light tank for deployment in all areas of its border area. There are plans to develop light tanks as a far-reaching strategy to fully meet the challenges and threats of security in the future. Along with the Zoravar tank, the Indian Army also has a special focus on developing swarm drones, modern missiles and equipment. There is also a special emphasis on the deployment of indigenously made weapons.

Why is Lightweight Tank Special?

The tanks currently available with the Indian Army have been made for plain or desert areas. The T-90S and T-72 tanks were primarily designed for plain and desert operations. Their weight is also between 45-70 tons. Light tanks under Project Zoravar will weigh around 25 tonnes. They are also capable of coming out from high altitude areas to passes. Like the heavy tank, it will also have the ability to fire. The most important thing is that these light tanks will be equipped with artificial intelligence drones.

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