‘Whether Sonali Phogat was murdered or a natural death… the shadow of a mother rose from the head of a daughter’

Sonali Phogat Death Case: Everyone is shocked by the news of the death of Big Boss fame and BJP leader Sonali Phogat. In the initial news it was revealed that Sonali had died of a heart attack, but as the case progressed, it came to light that Sonali had been murdered. In this case, both the PAs of Sonali have been taken into custody by the Goa Police, while the owner of the restaurant and a drug peddler have been arrested. Sonali’s departure has shocked her fans and friends. Everyone is remembering him in his own way and paying tribute to him.

‘Sonali left at a young age’
Meanwhile, Bigg Boss fame Rahul Mahajan shared some memories and things related to Sonali with ABP News in an emotional way. Rahul said that “Sonali was murdered or her death was normal, the sad thing is that she left at such a young age and is no longer with us and now she will never come back among us.” ‘

Rahul Mahajan said with emotion that ‘the saddest thing is that now the shadow of the mother has been lifted from the head of Sonali’s little daughter forever and any child is in dire need of parents for the upbringing. The child will grow up like that, but she will always miss her mother, which will never be able to be filled.

‘I remember all his things’
Rahul Mahajan said, ‘After Sonali Phogat’s death, now he will always regret that he did not get a chance to spend more time with Sonali, Sonali always used to tell him that both of them should spend more time together Must, now remember all his things a lot. Sharing the memories of the Bigg Boss 14 house, Rahul said that ‘Sonali was always very fond of dressing up and dressing well and the rest of the contestants were always surprised to see her beautiful style and her collection. Used to do.’

Rahul said that “She was the most happy on the day of the grand finale of Bigg Boss and she also danced a lot at Bigg Boss house. Rahul said that it is the job of the police to find out whether Sonali’s death is murder or murder and the police will keep finding it out, but in this way, her passing away at a young age is very sad.

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