Where did Rishi Sunak become weak? Experts told the big reason for their loss to ABP News

Why Rishi Sunak Lost: For a long time, the eyes of the people around the world were fixed on who would win the election for the post of British Prime Minister. Finally, ending the wait of the people today, Liz Truss has won the election. He defeated Indian-origin MP Rishi Sunak in a very close contest. Now questions are being raised that why did Sunak lose. During the campaign, he also got a lot of support from the people. Even after this, what was the reason for his defeat? Let us tell you what the experts have to say on this.

ABP News talked to some experts about the reasons behind Rishi Sunak’s loss. During this, Conservative Party leader Jayu Shah said that Kenya got independence in 1963. Rishi’s family had come here from Kenya itself. After the independence of Kenya, the Conservative Party gave him citizenship. He never thought that he would get the right to equality. Ju Shah told the big reason for his defeat that the people here do not like the people of the Conservative Party more.

Where did Rishi Sunak fall weak?

At the same time, Conservative Party leader Neeti Gupta said that the Conservative Party never discriminates against anyone. The party doesn’t care who comes from where. He said that after reaching here, he has lost by a margin of 20 thousand. It may also mean that he may not be able to fully connect with the people here.

Former diplomat Deepak Vohra told about the situation in Britain during this period. He said that inflation is increasing here. He clearly said that Britain is still not ready for the Indian people. He said that the reality is in front of all the people.

Populist promises could not be made

However, many other questions are being raised about his defeat. People are also telling the reason behind this to the wealth of his wife. At the same time, it is also being speculated that the Hindu image became a hindrance for Sunak in these elections. At the same time, Liz had made many populist promises, which Sunak was unable to fulfill. At the same time, he was also against reducing the tax. Let us tell you that Sunak got 60,399 votes and Liz Truss got 81,326 votes.

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