What is the stand of Britain’s new PM Liz Truss regarding India, on which side will the relationship between the two countries sit?

UK PM Liz Truss And India: Liz Truss, who hates defeat, has finally become the Prime Minister of Britain on Monday, leaving behind Rishi Sunak. His Conservative Party has approved to choose him as its new leader. With this, the speculations of getting a new dimension to Britain’s relations with the countries of the world have intensified.

Considering Liz’s recent visit to India, her becoming the Prime Minister of Britain could bring more warmth to Britain’s relations with India. Prime Minister of India within an hour of becoming his PM Narendra Modi Sending a congratulatory message to Ka Liz says a lot. In this message, the PM has said a very deep thing about the relationship between the two countries.

How will relations with India be with Liz Truss as PM?

Newly elected leader of the Conservative Party and future Prime Minister Liz Truss is known for deepening India-UK strategic and economic ties. In May last year, during his tenure as the Minister of International Trade, he signed the Comprehensive Trade Partnership (ETP) in Boris Johnson’s government. Then after signing the ETP, Truss said, “I see the UK and India in the best position in the evolving business landscape.” This ETP is now serving as the starting base for the ongoing Free Trade Agreement (FTA) negotiations.

As a senior cabinet minister, Truss has made 47 visits to India so far. During the digital talks with India’s Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal at the time, he called India a “big, important opportunity”. Then he said, “We are looking at a comprehensive trade agreement that covers everything from financial services to legal services as well as digital and data including commodities and agriculture. We think there is great potential for us to have an agreement soon, where we can reduce tariffs on both sides and see more imports and exports of goods between the two countries.”

Truss had told the party’s Conservative Friends of India (CFIN) expatriate group that she would remain extremely committed to strengthening bilateral ties if she became PM. He had also expressed his commitment to the India-UK FTA and tried to complete it by his predecessor Boris Johnson’s stipulated time i.e. Diwali. He had also said that if this could not be done by then, it would definitely be completed by the end of the year. His statement during his contest with former British finance minister Rishi Sunak to be elected as Tory leader says a lot.

Said it is important to strengthen relations with India

In the first India-UK Strategic Futures Forum (IUSFF) held in March 2022, the then UK Foreign Minister Liz Truss made his stand on India clear. In this forum, Liz said, “It is fantastic to be in India. This is my third visit to India within a year. This is a testament to the commitment of the United Kingdom to its relationship with India (Indo Pacific). It has become more important now to strengthen ties with us.” He said that this has become extremely important in view of the Ukraine crisis.

“Strengthening ties with India is more important than ever because we live in a more insecure world, of course (Vladimir) Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is horrific,” he said. During this, he also said, “I think it is very important to impose sanctions on Russia.” In his opening remarks at the talks, Truss said it was important to respect the principles of sovereignty, territorial integrity and international law. During this, India’s External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar talked about implementing the Roadmap 2030. It is worth noting that in May last year, it was adopted by both the countries to further broaden the relationship. Prior to this talks, the British High Commission had issued a statement saying that the truce met the Foreign Minister of India S Jaishankar about the importance of democracies in view of Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Will talk

Britain also wants India’s support

Given the changing global scenario, there is a big reason behind Britain’s strengthening of relations with India. That is, in view of the political-economic importance of this largest democratic country in the world, doing it in its favor. Britain also does not want to be left behind in this. Clear evidence of this has been given by the then Foreign Minister Liz Truss during his visits to India. Now she has become the Prime Minister of Britain and there is no doubt that she will now move forward in this direction with more warmth. This thing had emerged in March this year itself that India has become important for the countries of the world at the global level.

Then within just a few days, there was a flurry of influential foreigners visiting India. A day before the arrival of the truce, America’s Deputy National Security Adviser Dalip Singh reached India, and on March 31, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov reached Delhi in the evening. India’s relations with Russia are well known and India has already said in this matter that it can never forget Russia’s timely help. He can’t put aside his relationship with her.

In such a situation, there is a strong effort of Britain and America that India should support them in the matter of Russia and for this they are trying their best. Significantly, India had adopted a neutral stand in the case of Russia’s attack on Ukraine. It did not condemn the attack and did not vote against it in the United Nations (UN). The Russian Foreign Minister’s visit to India at the end of March was aimed at necessitating India’s help in mitigating the effects of the sanctions imposed on Moscow. Russia had come with hope to further its close trade ties and this hope was fulfilled when India agreed to import 3 million barrels of Russian oil at heavily discounted rates. After this, the External Affairs Minister of India, Jaishankar took a dig at Western countries for criticizing his decision.

Britain needs India against Russia

According to the statement of the British High Commission, the truce came with a purpose during the tour of India on 31 March. She intended to oppose Russia’s aggression and reduce global strategic dependence on this country even before important meetings of NATO and G7 to be held in May and wanted India’s support for that. The truss then said in its statement, “The deepening relationship between the UK and India will promote security in the Indo-Pacific and globally, and create jobs and opportunities in both countries.” Then he also said that Britain’s relationship with India matters a lot in the context of Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.

He said that this attack emphasizes the need for free democratic countries to work together in areas such as defence, trade and cyber security. The level of a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership on India-UK relations was promoted during the India-UK Virtual Summit held between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his British counterpart Boris Johnson in May last year. . In the summit, both sides adopted a 10-year roadmap to expand key areas such as trade and economy, defense and security, climate change and people-to-people ties.

The congratulatory message of the PM of India also says a lot

Within an hour of Liz Truss becoming the Prime Minister, the Prime Minister of India sent him a congratulatory message by tweeting. He tweeted, “Congratulations @trussliz on being elected the next PM of the UK. I am confident that the India-UK Comprehensive Strategic Partnership will further strengthen under your leadership. Wishing you all the best in your new role and responsibilities.”

Big challenges for Liz

Even as the new prime minister in Britain, the challenges before Truss will not diminish. Especially in Europe, due to the conflict situation, the cost of living has increased due to rising energy and fuel prices. She said in a recent interview, “Within a week, I will make sure to announce how we are going to tackle the energy crisis and the challenge of long-term supply so that we can prepare well for the winter season. ,

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