Weather condition: Rest period of monsoon, clear weather for 5 days; temperature rise by 4 degrees

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  • The rainy season is closed since August 23, so far 35.6 inches of rain has fallen
  • The good thing is that this time in the two-month rainy season, all the major ponds of the city have been flooded.

At present the rest period of monsoon is going on. The last rain this month was on August 22. The weather has been clear since then. The sun is shining brightly during the day. It has also affected the temperature. The maximum temperature on 22 August was 26.7 °C, which was recorded 30.2 °C on 27 August. However, the night temperature has come down to 20.5 degrees Celsius. On August 22, the minimum temperature was recorded at 21.5 degrees Celsius.

So far this monsoon season, 35.6 inches of rain has fallen. The remaining days of the month are also expected to pass like this. Due to the strong sunlight and humidity, due to the formation of the locus system, there may be drizzle at some places. From September, systems will form in the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea, due to which the period of heavy rains can start once again. The morning on Saturday also started with sunshine. As the day progressed, the sun started showing its effect. In the afternoon it was such a condition that it was difficult to bear the sun. It was cloudy for a while, but it was not watery.

Good point… the ponds are full in two months’ season

The good thing is that this time in the rainy season of two months, all the major ponds of the city have been filled with water. Yashwant Sagar with a capacity of 19 feet is completely filled. Yashwant Sagar was overflowing as on 22nd August. One of its gates had to be opened to maintain the water level. Water has come up to 32 feet in the big Bilawali pond of 34 feet capacity. A small billowy of 12 feet capacity is also full. The big Sirpur pond with a capacity of 16 feet is filled more than 15 feet. Similarly, Pipalyapala pond of 22 feet capacity is also filled to its full capacity. The Limbodi pond with a capacity of 16 feet is empty only by 2 feet. That is, the pond will accompany the whole summer.

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