Waiting for barbarism! When the wife refused to pay the money, the drunken husband uprooted the nails

Cruel Husband: A case has come to the fore from Faridabad, which is adjacent to the capital Delhi, which makes the soul tremble after hearing it. A man living in Dheeraj Nagar area has treated his wife badly with animals. The husband uprooted his wife’s toe nails with pliers in a state of intoxication. That too only because the wife had refused to give him money.

In fact, the drunken husband asked for money from his wife in a state of intoxication, the wife refused to give the money, then the first accused beat up the woman fiercely. Then, even this did not satisfy his heart, so he uprooted the nails of the woman’s toe with the PLAS. The woman has been admitted to the hospital where she is undergoing treatment. The police is investigating the matter.

asked to bring maiden money

The victim’s mother Vimala Devi has said on this matter that she had married her daughter Pooja with Rajesh 13 years ago. After two years of marriage, Rajesh started harassing his daughter for dowry. Rajesh often used to pressurize Pooja to bring money from her maternal home. At the same time, the victim Pooja says that the same thing happened on Sunday night. Rajesh started pressurizing her to bring money from her maternal home.

Husband became a monster in a state of intoxication!

On Sunday night, Rajesh started pressurizing his wife Pooja to bring money from her maternal uncle. On this, Pooja categorically refused to bring money from the maternal house. Frustrated by this, Rajesh first assaulted her and then uprooted her nails with pliers. After the ruckus in the house, the neighbors gathered and informed the family members of the worship. The woman was admitted to the hospital for treatment and a complaint was lodged against the accused Rajesh at Palla police station. At present the police is investigating.

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