Villagers built wooden bridge: Even after complaining, the administration did not help, the villagers made a way together

Chhatarpur (Madhya Pradesh)9 minutes ago

In a village in Chhatarpur district, the villagers, tired of pleading with the administration for the last 15 years, made their own way. After several complaints, the administration could not build a bridge over the drain, so the villagers together made a wooden bridge. The photos are of Gur Para village in Sandani gram panchayat under Rajnagar tehsil of Chhatarpur district.

Here people had to cross a creek to go from the village to Parwa High School and other places. School children had to face a lot of difficulty in going to school due to the filling of the drain during the rainy season. The children could not even go to school due to heavy rain. The villagers also struggled to cross the Nala for their agricultural works and other works.

The village has a school up to class VIII and the distance of Parva High School is about 4 kms from the village. On the other hand, if you do not cross this drain, then the children had to travel about 12 kilometers to reach the high school in turning around from the other side. For children this distance is too much. Because of which the children used to cross the drain with great difficulty and go to school.

Bridge not built even after complaint

The villagers had informed the government about this problem many times to the administration and public representatives, but apart from assurance they did not get anything. Eventually the villagers unitedly decided to build a wooden bridge. Then all the villagers gathered and started cutting bamboo, batons and after about 1 week of hard work finally made a temporary bridge ready.

Villagers still have hope from the administration

The villagers are definitely excited by making this bridge, but they hope that soon the government-administration pays attention to it and a permanent bridge will be built on the drain in their village. So that in future again villagers and school children do not have to put their lives at risk for traffic.

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