Village Solution Day will be organized in Sonbhadra: DM said – problems of people will be resolved at Gram Panchayat level, officers will be present

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Under the new initiative of District Magistrate Chandra Vijay Singh, Gram Samadhan Diwas will be organized under the government’s public door program. In which the problems of the villagers will be resolved in the presence of district level and other concerned officers in their gram sabhas.

The District Magistrate has said that due to the lack of proper disposal of the problems of the people at the gram panchayat level, the problems are being received through various portals. The quality of problem solving is also not good. Due to which the situation of disposal of IGRS in the district is deteriorating.

District Magistrate will be involved
Gram Samadhan Diwas is to be organized for quality grievance redressal by village level employees in Gram Panchayats. To decide the outline, on August 29, from 10.00 to 12.00, the District Magistrate will attend the Gram Samadhan Diwas at the Gram Panchayat Secretariat of the Gram Panchayat-Bithgaonnishaf and Development Block Robertsganj.

Village level problem will be solved
In which along with resolving the village level problems, it is to be organized every Monday in the villages according to the roster. The District Magistrate has directed the concerned officers. Due to which the officials in the Gram Panchayat will have to be involved in deciding the outline of the Village Solution Day in the Gram Panchayat.

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