Vidisha flood situation worsens: Betwa river flows above danger mark, roads closed

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The Betwa river has reached a spate due to the continuing heavy rains in Vidisha district. It is flowing two feet above the danger mark. The gates have been opened in the dams of the district and adjoining districts due to excess water filling capacity, the water of these dams is reaching Vidisha district through Betwa river, which has created a flood situation.

Collector Umashankar Bhargava said that the district administration has sought the help of the Air Force to airlift the people trapped in the floods in the city and adjoining flood affected villages and Tehsil Basoda and adjoining villages in Vidisha tehsil. About 100 villages in Vidisha district have been affected by floods due to excessive rainfall.

In which 14 villages of Nateran, 22 in Kurwai, 16 in Shamshabad, 01 in Gulabganj, 06 in Tyonda, 01 in Sironj, 05 in Basoda and 33 villages of Vidisha rural have been affected by the floods. The Collector informed that arrangements were made by the district administration in the past to take the citizens trapped in the floods to safe places. All possible help was being provided to the flood affected.

Roads closed due to heavy rain

The gates of all the dams in the district have been opened, while the heavy rains have caused the river drains to overflow. Several feet of water is flowing over the bridge culverts, due to which many roads have been closed. Bhopal, Ashoknagar Gyaraspur, Sagar, Kararia, Shamshabad, Ahmedpur from Vidisha under Vidisha tehsil closed due to heavy rains. Similarly, Gurod, Sironj, Udaipur, Gulabganj and Vidisha road have been closed from Basoda under Basoda Tehsil. On the other hand, under Kurwai tehsil, Kurwai to Mahlua intersection, Mahlua intersection to Ambanagar, Kurwai to Mandi Bamaura, Mandi Bamaura to Deoli, Kurwai to Bhunrasa and Mungawali roads have been closed. Similarly, under Nateran tehsil, Nateran to Vidisha, Johad, Gurod, Miyankhedi (main road), Golna, Sironj apart from Shamshabad to Berasia, Bhopal, Lateri and Pathari to Pathari under Pathari tehsil, Kankalkhedi, Rahatgarh, Dalpatpur, Khurai, Bilakhedi, Madhusudangarh and Biaora roads have been closed from Lateri under Dankhedi, Khurai and Lateri tehsils.

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