VIDEO Viral of taking off the crown of a student who became Mother India Viral: On Independence Day, after taking off the crown and offering Namaz, Hindu Mahasabha wrote a letter to the PM

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After flag hoisting, taking off the crown of a girl who became Mother India and offered Namaz

  • Hindu Mahasabha demanded FIR

There has been a ruckus after a video of a school in Lucknow surfaced on social media. Independence Day program is going on in the school in VIDEO. An 11 to 12 year old girl has become Bharat Mata. Two other children take off the crown of the girl who became Bharat Mata and ask her for namaz. Then the girl gets down on her knee for Namaz. Now the Hindu Mahasabha in Gwalior has become angry on this VIDEO. Hindu Mahasabha has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, CM Madhya Pradesh Shivraj Singh and Home Minister and DGP Madhya Pradesh demanding FIR.

Attempt to incite communalism through VIDEO
A video is becoming increasingly viral on social media in the entire state including Gwalior. What is shown in the video looks like inciting communalism. This VIDEO is being told of Lucknow Uttar Pradesh. In VIDEO, a student is hoisting the flag as Bharat Mata wearing a crown on her head.

Immediately after the hoisting of the flag, two boys of the same age come and take off the crown from the head of the girl who became Bharat Mata and put it down. Another student comes from the other side. After this, all sit on their knees and come in the posture of offering Namaz. This video is being told of a school in Lucknow on 15th August. Strong objection has been raised by Hindu Mahasabha on this video. In this way, an attempt has been made to incite communalism by taking off the crown.

Hindu Mahasabha wrote a letter to the Prime Minister
Hindu Mahasabha national vice president Jaiveer Bhardwaj said that this is a conspiracy by some anti-social element who wants to incite communalism. That’s why we demand FIR against those who do such school and acts. For this, apart from Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah, a letter has been written to CM Shivraj Singh, DGP Madhya Pradesh demanding action. If no action is taken then Hindu Mahasabha will take action.

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