Video of scuffle-indecent racial remarks with Indian women goes viral, accused caught by such police

Racist Attack on Indian American Women: Police has arrested a woman after a video of a group of four Indian-American women assaulting a group of Indian-American women went viral on social media in Texas, USA. In the video, the accused woman is seen allegedly speaking abusive words and asking Indian-American women to go back to India. The incident happened on Wednesday night, which was carried out in a parking lot in Dallas, Texas.

The accused woman is seen in the video posing as Mexican-American and attacking a group of Indian-American women. “I hate you Indian” in the female video. All these Indians come to America because they want a better life. The Mexican-American woman has been identified as Esmeralda Upton of Plano.

What is the dispute?

One person who shared the video on social media wrote, “This incident happened to my mother and her three friends in Dallas, Texas.” And can be seen requesting not to use racial abuse.

In the video, the accused woman is also seen saying, “Wherever I go… you Indians are found everywhere. If life is the best in India, then why are you here.

accused arrested by police

Plano police officers arrested the accused woman, Esmeralda Upton, on Thursday afternoon. He has been charged with assault, causing bodily injury and making terror threats. Condemning the incident, Reema Rasool, who belongs to the Democratic Party, tweeted, “This is very frightening. She actually had a gun and wanted to shoot. This woman should be prosecuted for a racial crime.

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