VIDEO of former minister caught in corruption case goes viral: DEO was told- I don’t know, the minister sat, go back; CM Mann has called it Ashu’s arrogance

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Vigilance has got 4 days remand of former minister Bharat Bhushan Ashu arrested in the transportation tender scam during the previous Congress government in Punjab. After the arrest of Ashu, the video of Ashu’s ministerial tenure is becoming very viral on social media.

Recently, a video has gone viral in which Ashu is telling the DEO that you do not know if the minister is sitting, go back. While Aam Aadmi Party workers are sharing and commenting on this video, common people are also continuously giving their feedback on this video.

Many recordings of Ashu are going on on social media in which he is asking former DSP Balwinder Singh Sekhon to come on recording. The former minister tells Sekhon in that recording that he should not be too agile to make sense of his work. Many such things have been said in the recording.

Let us inform that CM Bhagwant Mann also saved the arrogance of Ashu’s old video and disputes with the officers during his tenure. CM Mann had said that today the ego of former minister Bharat Bhushan has been broken. CM Mann had said that a minister is not a god who talks to every officer and public in a fit of rage.

Vigilance reached the list of 10 to 15 people
It is being told that along with PA Meenu Malhotra, a list of names of 10 to 15 people has come to Vigilance. Some of these names are those who were in touch with Ashu and Meenu all the time. Sources reveal that Vigilance is also scrutinizing call details etc. in this matter. Vigilance officers are scrutinizing the people whose names are coming out at the ground level. If any of these persons is found who is seen to have any contact with Teluram, Meenu Malhotra or Ashu, then only he will be called for questioning in the matter.

Records being collected from Municipal Corporation

Vigilance officers are collecting the records of PA Meenu Malhotra, Bharat Bhushan Ashu and other accused found involved in this case from the Municipal Corporation. Vigilance is constantly monitoring this matter as well as other matters, including the Improvement Trust issue. According to officials, as soon as Raman Bala Subramaniam, the former chairman of the Improvement Trust, is arrested, then big revelations can be made. At the same time, it is being told that the officers of the Improvement Trust and many big leaders can be blamed.

Car-bike numbers instead of trucks

According to the Vigilance Bureau’s investigation so far, Teluram has received around Rs 25 crore. The registration numbers of cars, scooters, bikes etc. were given in the list of vehicles submitted for taking tender. The District Tender Committee had to examine the list of vehicles carrying wheat, but the members of the committee also allotted tenders in connivance. The numbers of scooter-cars were also written in the gate pass. Government officials also paid the contractors on the basis of these gate passes. Further investigation is going on in this regard.

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