Using these 5 tips, you can become an expert in mobile photography

Mobile Photography Tricks: Nowadays people all over the world are doing photography in large numbers. According to photographic data, 1.2 trillion photographs were taken worldwide in 2021. It is estimated that in 2022 this number can reach 1.72 trillion and by 2025 this figure will be 2 trillion. The special thing is that 92.5% of these photos have been taken only from the smartphone. Modern technology and smartphones have made everyone a photographer. In such a situation, today (August 19, 2022) i.e. on the occasion of World Photography Day, we are going to tell you some such tips and tricks about mobile photography, which will make your smartphone photography skills even better.

Know your smartphone camera

For good photography, you should be properly familiar with the camera of your smartphone. Does it have manual settings? If so, get to know them too. Pay special attention to features like focus and exposure. Click on the picture and compare them using different settings. The more pictures you take using different settings, the more you will learn to use the camera in different light and angles.

Explore Natural Light

Click photo in natural light. You will see that the pictures taken in sunlight look better than the pictures taken inside. Light not only creates the brightness and exposure of the photo but also decides the tone and mood of the photo. If possible, ensure that the subjects are in sufficient light. Let us tell you, nowadays there are many portable lights available in the market.

Keep enough storage in the phone

No one would like to take a great picture and get a timely smartphone notification that there is no storage on your phone. Now no one wants to delete old ones to take new pictures. In such a situation, you can take the help of Micro SD card for more storage in the phone. There are many storage solutions available these days with capacities up to 1 terabyte. Portable storage devices from companies like SanDisk, Western Digital, Samsung can also be used for storage.


Even a small movement can spoil the photo, so it is very important for your smartphone to be stable. You can support your phone with some standy thing. For example, support the phone on a wall, rock or branch etc. You can also buy a small tripod specially designed for smartphones. Let us tell you, in low light, it is very important for the shot to be stable because at this time the exposure time of the camera is more and the photo will not be clear due to the shaking of the phone.

try your hand at editing

There are many free editing apps available on Google Play. Photos can be edited with these, but do not limit yourself to the edit option of the smartphone only. You can use the Edit app to add more elements to your photos, such as depth, tone, and mood. Many apps ‘one-touch’ fix.

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