Used many phones… but the ambulance did not reach: The case of Raneh village of Damoh; The husband reached the hospital 2 km away after making his wife groaning in pain.

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The young man reached the hospital by taking the pregnant wife on a handcart.

In Damoh district of Madhya Pradesh, again a case of shame about health facilities has come to the fore. Here a woman groaning from labor pains did not get the service of 108 ambulances. Seeing the unbearable pain of such a wife, the husband reached the government hospital in the village, about 2 km away, after lying on the handcart, but no facilities were found in the hospital. The staff present said to come after 3 hours. Some local people arrived to help the troubled husband and after providing 108 vehicles, took the woman to the civil hospital. The woman has been admitted.

If not seen, then took the handcart and reached the hospital

The case is of Raneh village of Hata block of Damoh district. Kajal, wife of Kailash Ahirwal, who lives in this village, is pregnant. On Tuesday, she started labor pains. Kailash told that he called several times for 108 ambulance, but no one reached his house. The wife was moaning in pain. If he was not seen, then under compulsion he took a hand cart and made his wife lie on him and reached the village hospital, but even there he did not get help.

Referee due to critical condition

The woman’s husband Kailash Ahirwal says that he helped them and called 108 ambulance under pressure, after which he brought his wife away to the hospital. Due to the critical condition of the woman, the doctor removed her and referred her to the district hospital. where the woman was admitted.

matter has come to notice

The video which has gone viral has been taken into cognizance. We are finding out which staff nurse was on duty there. Action will be taken in the matter. If you have come on the handcart, then it will be known why 108 ambulance did not reach. The woman was sent to the Civil Hospital, where she has been admitted to the district hospital due to her condition not getting better.

,Dr. RP Kori, removed BMO

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