Uproar of relatives over death of elderly: Doctor accused of giving wrong injection, forcibly taken dead body without conducting post-mortem

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  • Doctor Accused Of Injecting Wrong, Forcibly Taken Dead Body Without Conducting Post mortem

Damoh43 minutes ago

After the death of an elderly person in Damoh District Hospital late on Sunday night, the family created a ruckus. He also abused the doctor. The relatives allege that their family members have died due to the wrong injection of the doctor. Whereas the doctor says that the patient died before the treatment started.

Late night, Jagdish Ahirwal from Chainpura village of Batiyagarh block had reached the district hospital with his father Vitthal. He says that the father had a mild fever. There was normal pain, but the doctor admitted his father to the hospital and gave the wrong injection, due to which his father died. The doctors are guilty in this whole matter. The family members kept abusing them for a long time and forcibly took away the dead body. However, the police got the family to write that they were taking the dead body of their own free will. Doctor says ECG was done. The old man had understood the hard problem. The nurse was asked to start the treatment that he died. The allegations of the family are wrong. The post-mortem of the dead body was to be done, but the family forcefully took the body away.

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