Ukraine’s Azov battalion blasted in the murder of Putin’s war planner’s daughter

Moscow Car Bombing Case: The Federal Security Service (FSB) of Russia has made public a video of Natalya Vovk, a citizen of Ukraine. Natalya is the main accused in the death of journalist Daria Dugina, who was killed in a car bombing in Moscow. Video released on Monday shows Natalya, accused of killing the journalist, entering Russia with her daughter. In this video, he is shown entering Dugina’s building and leaving the country in a hurry.

Vovk, 43, was indicted by the FSB on Monday in Dugina’s murder. Natalya Vovk is a Ukrainian citizen and arrived in Russia on 23 July using a Donetsk People’s Republic license plate.

How was the conspiracy executed?
Russian security agencies reported that while in Moscow, he exchanged the numbers on the plate on his Mini Cooper. This Mini Cooper belonged to a friend of his. Her friend was from the Soviet Republic of Kazakhstan. The security agency said Vovk fled to Estonia after carrying out her mission on Sunday. Russia has released a picture and video of Natalya Vovk.

How did the death happen?
Dugin, 30, died in Moscow on Saturday evening while attending a traditional family celebration with her father and Russian philosopher Aleksandr Dugin. However, Russian security agencies suspect that Natalya’s target was Aleksandr Dugin because the bomb was fitted in his car.

What did Putin say on the incident?
Vladimir Putin has termed the murder of his Alexander Dugin’s daughter as a hate crime. Vladimir Putin said that a vile conspiracy has taken away from us a talented, kind, most loving, beautiful soul. This is a very despicable and cruel incident.

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