Ukraine Independence Day being celebrated in the shadow of fear, exhibition of destroyed tanks in Kyiv

Ukraine Independence Day: Ukraine became an independent nation from the Soviet Union on 24 August 1991. Today is Ukraine’s Independence Day. Every year this day has been celebrated with pomp, but this time instead of celebration, panic is prevailing in the hearts of Ukrainian people. President Volodymyr Zelenskiy fears that on this day Russia can do something very terrible. On this day on February 24, Russia started the invasion of Ukraine. It is also an important day in this sense because today the six months of the Russian invasion of Ukraine are being completed.

Last year, on this day in Ukraine, a military parade was taken out in a spectacular way and there was a fly march past in the sky with warplanes, but this time there is no parade, instead of the military equipment destroyed by Russian attacks in the capital Kyiv. An exhibition has been put up, which includes heavy tanks. This time Ukraine is celebrating Independence Day on the theme ‘Fight Back’ against Russia.

These two reasons for the big attack near Russia

Russia has two reasons to launch a major attack on Ukraine. First that in six months he has not got the desired result from the war, second- Darya Dugin, daughter of Alexander Dugin, a close aide of Putin, has been killed in a car blast. Ukraine is being accused behind the murder of Darya, however, Ukraine has made it clear that it has no role in Darya’s murder, but the Russian President is very angry about the death of his close friend’s daughter in this way and this The incident has provided him with a reason to take tough action on Ukraine.

What did Zelensky say

It is being said in the reports that a meeting of the Security Council took place in Moscow late at night. It is believed that in this a decision would have been taken regarding the attack on Ukraine. Over the weekend of this week, Ukrainian President Volodymyr feared that Independence Day was as important to him as it was to Russia and that he could launch some very ruthless attacks.

Volodymyr Zelensky said, “Tomorrow is a special day for all of us, unfortunately it is also important for our enemy.” We must be aware that tomorrow there are despicable Russian provocations and brutal attacks possible.”

America issued advisory to its people

Citing intelligence, the US had issued an advisory to its citizens living in Ukraine to leave the country immediately. The US has also expressed concern over the Russian occupation of Zaporizhia, the largest nuclear plant in Ukraine, and appealed to free it from military surveillance. A news release from the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights said 5,587 civilians have been killed and 7,890 wounded since the war began. It has been mainly damaged by rocket, cannon and missile attacks.

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