Two people trapped in the river due to heavy rain in Vidisha: Despite the barricades, they were crossing the culvert, the villagers saved

VidishaA minute ago

Due to heavy rains in the district, the river drains have come in spate. Despite this, people are crossing the bridge risking their lives. On Sunday night, the Vegmati river flowing from Deepnakheda was in spate, water was flowing for about two feet on the bridge. Nathan Singh, the sarpanch of village Jhagar and Bharat were in the car. Even after the people agreed, the sarpanch did not agree and he put the car on the bridge of the overflowing river despite the bedeck being installed on the river. Due to the strong current of the river, the car went out of control on the middle bridge and started flowing in the water. And got stuck on the pillar on the bridge. People standing nearby jumped for help and they barely managed to get the sarpanch and his companion out of the car window. The car got swept away by the water and went ahead over the bridge. Sanjeev Srivastava, in-charge of Deepnakheda outpost, says that two people were intoxicated and put the car on the bridge while removing it from the side of the bedeck. The car had reached a short distance and it started drifting and got stuck on the pillar of the bridge. The policemen present there got them both out with the help of the villagers. A case will be registered against both of them.

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